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Holiday Warning about Amazon Gift Cards

Anyone considering giving Amazon.com gift cards this Holiday Season needs to be aware that not everything listed on Amazon.com can be purchased with an Amazon gift card. If the item doesn’t say “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com” then the merchant actually selling the item may or may not accept gift cards as payment. The problem with this is if you have a gift card balance, and attempt to purchase an item from one of these merchants, it’s not obvious that the gift card isn’t being applied. If you have a credit card on file with Amazon, you could end up with a surprise charge on your next bill. My recommendation, if you’re going to give a gift card, is to go with a Visa/AMEX branded card instead of one from Amazon.

Great Photographers on Twitter

This is my contribution to the great photographers on Twitter discussions that have been going on lately. This list is mostly nature/landscape/adventure photographers who inspire me to get out and shoot. These recommendations are also based on the quality of their photography, not necessarily the quality of their tweets.

  1. @bernabephotowww.richardbernabe.com
  2. @brucepercy www.brucepercy.com
  3. @CornforthImageswww.cornforthimages.com
  4. @ianplantphotowww.ipphotography.com
  5. @enlightphotowww.enlightphoto.com
  6. @MartyKnappwww.martyknapp.com
  7. @chriscorradinowww.christography.com
  8. @spoolimageswww.spoolphotography.com
  9. @jimgoldsteinjmg-galleries.com
  10. @gdanmitchellwww.gdanmitchell.com
  11. @scottflahertystore.clanoflaherty.com
  12. @Niebruggewww.my-photo-blog.com
  13. @ScottDickersonscottdickerson.com
  14. @MoosePetersonwww.moosenewsblog.com
  15. @pixelatedimagewww.pixelatedimage.com/blog
  16. @artwolfewww.artwolfe.com
  17. @akornylakwww.akornphoto.com

This list is not in any particular order, and is clearly not meant to be comprehensive, merely the ones I am familiar with. If you have suggestions, please share them, I can always use more inspiration.

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