Comcast is Paying Attention

When I got home from work yesterday, there was a message on my answering machine from someone in the Comcast corporate office. He said he had read about my experience and wanted to discuss it with me. I called him back that evening and left him a message with my cell phone number so he could call me during the day.

He just called me back and apologized for what happened. He said he has people in Georgia investigating, and that he will let me know what he finds.

I’m very pleased that Comcast is paying attention and that they cared enough to have someone in their corporate office call me to apologize. Now, I’m eager to hear what they find out, or if anything will change.

Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Comcast is Paying Attention

  1. Martha Norris

    Marcus how did you get the Comcast Corporate Information I have not been able to find a link.
    They have the worst customer service ever. I have a problem getting the signal and I have called and called and two people came out two weeks apart and did not fix the problem. They did not seem to have the intelligence to know what to do.

  2. Anita Martin

    Type your comment here.

    Please give us the number? We have been searching for a week.

    Comcast shut our service off because we had not paid the JUNE BILL! tODAY IS JUNE 3rd. My service has been off for a week.

  3. Stephen Daniel

    I agree with Marcus. I can not find any contact information for the Comcast Corporate office. I had to call six times to get my account transfered to my new house when I moved.

  4. Martha Norris

    Hi Guys I have some hope for you. I did find the corparate number and I called with my complant, within “1”
    hour I had a telephone call asking me what the problem was and this was about 1:00 pm. Thirty minutes after her called I had the technician call and ask if he could come out that day at 3:30. WoW! What a change.
    It took them a total of three days to get it fixed and on the third day while they were here the corporate office called again wanting to know if it had been fixed. This morning the guy who actually fixed it came by just to see if it was working and If I was satisfied. Big Change.
    The number I called was 1-888-610-0995. His name was Mark Weber. Good Luck.

  5. Duncan Connor

    I am in the middle with a protracted issue with comcast, and I will post the whole sordid story when it’s resolved. Suffice to say that I, too, am in touch with the comcast corporate escalations department on 1-888-610-0995

    Just remember this: if you ask comcast to come do some work, you’re inviting them into your house; and since they’re working, whatever damage they do isn’t malicious, so you cannot file a police report to say they have vandalized your house, even if they destroy things. Vandalism must be malicious and cannot be done by someone you invite into your home.

    I’ll fill out the rest of the picture in the next week or so.

  6. Will

    The corporate office number is 215-665-1700. Ask to be connected to Corporate Escalations. Their fax is 215-286-7400.

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