Great Photographers on Twitter

This is my contribution to the great photographers on Twitter discussions that have been going on lately. This list is mostly nature/landscape/adventure photographers who inspire me to get out and shoot. These recommendations are also based on the quality of their photography, not necessarily the quality of their tweets.

  1. @bernabephoto—
  2. @brucepercy —
  3. @CornforthImages—
  4. @ianplantphoto—
  5. @enlightphoto—
  6. @MartyKnapp—
  7. @chriscorradino—
  8. @spoolimages—
  9. @jimgoldstein—
  10. @gdanmitchell—
  11. @scottflaherty—
  12. @Niebrugge—
  13. @ScottDickerson—
  14. @MoosePeterson—
  15. @pixelatedimage—
  16. @artwolfe—
  17. @akornylak—

This list is not in any particular order, and is clearly not meant to be comprehensive, merely the ones I am familiar with. If you have suggestions, please share them, I can always use more inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Great Photographers on Twitter

  1. Spool

    Thanks very much for the mention and link to my site.
    I am about to bookmark your site to have a good look through later on


  2. Steven

    Cool. I’m thinking of doing a post like this on my blog. I might even do it today. I think it’s neat to see who people are inspired by.

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