My name is marcus. I am married with two kids, one boy and one girl. I live just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and work as a web developer.

I started this website many years ago when I had free webhosting accounts from my employer. I really only used it as a testing ground for other sites and learning web development. Then one day my domain name expired. I decided that in paying the renewal fee again that I need to make this site into something more, so I started my very own blog.

This site now serves two goals. The first is to continue its role as my online playground. However, I hope that with the blog in place that this will help direct my efforts more than the haphazard approach I have taken. The second goal is to give me a forum for writing and developing my writing skills. I have always enjoyed writing, but have never been as good as I wanted to be. Perhaps with an audience this might serve as a mechanism for improving my skills.

I hope you enjoy the site, and if not go look at some pretty pictures I took.